Champions Initiative

Corporate Champion Responsibilities

Responsibilities Include

  1. Attend initial planning meeting with coalition representatives:
    • Gain understanding of the full scope of the healthy community efforts in Southwest Indiana
    • Develop strategy for gaining buy-in among employees
  2. Meet with CEO:
    • Obtain signed corporate commitment form for organization
    • Request attendance at group meetings
    • Request Senior Management support for campaign participation
    • Outline campaign priorities (e.g., providing water throughout the day, offering ten minute physical activity breaks, vending machine improvements, etc.)
  3. Convene Team:
    • Offer an overview presentation by coalition representative (as needed)
    • Discuss ideas, corporate commitment, and establish an overall strategy
    • Benchmark current activities (refer to Good, Better, Best Guide)
    • Develop SMART objectives and corresponding timelines
    • Delineate roles among team members (spokesperson, outreach, marketing, events, etc.) – Identify resources to implement objectives
    • Assign each team member to one department for follow-up after launch
  4. Launch Campaign:
    • Coordinate with Upgrade Campaign
    • Develop media materials
    • Hold a kick-off event that reinforces the overall goal of creating a healthy worksite culture – Team members will follow up with department heads to ensure implementation
  5. Ongoing Implementation:
    • Participate in six Corporate Champion meetings (bi-monthly)
    • Utilize a standard Worksite Assessment Tool for pre-post testing
    • Track success stories and earned media
    • Draft one or more organization policies that reinforce objective(s)
    • Monitor implementation of proposed objectives (e.g. are meeting meals really healthy?) – Hold quarterly meetings with company team members
  6. Meet with CEO:
    • Gather data from team members
    • Post-test assessment
    • Provide feedback surveys
    • Meet with CEO to plan for next year

Time Commitment:

  • Six bi-monthly meetings
  • Quarterly company team meetings
  • Time required as necessary to implement internal activities