Champions Initiative

Congregational Champion Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  1. Attend Initial Planning Meeting with Coalition Representatives:
    • Gain understanding of the healthy eating and active living efforts in our congregations and communities (Model for Healthy Living).
    • Develop strategy for implementation within your local congregations (Sermon Starters).
  2. Meet with Pastor/Leadership Team
    • Obtain signed corporate commitment form for congregation and staff.
    • Request representative at group meetings as needed
  3. Convene Team
    • Create and/or identify your health ministry team. Ideally this team will span the age spec- turm and include a variety of members with specific gifts and talents. In developing your team, think about including health care workers, those who are detail oreinted, those with computer skills, those that have a creative gift. You will also want to consider including those currently serving on hospital vistiation teams, handyman ministries, meal ministries, and children’s workers. Your team should be a good representation of the body of your local congregation.
    • If a nurse in your congregation is willing to be a part of this team, consider sending her to the Foundations in Faith Community Nursing self study/retreat offered through USI (Partial Scholarships Available from the Welborn Baptist Foundation)
    • Discuss ideas, commitment, and establish an overall strategy (Health Ministry Coordinator is provided by Welborn Baptist Foundation to assist with planning and implementation).
    • Benchmark current activities (refer to Good, Better, Best Guide).
    • Develop SMART objectives and corresponding timelines.
    • Delineate roles among team members.
    • Identify resources to implement objectives (Health Ministry Coordinator from the Welborn Baptist Foundation can assist with resources. Up to $1000.00 can be granted for funding of a new health ministry program).
  4. Launch Campaign
    • Survey the congregation utlizing the Model for Healthy Living Satisfaction Scale.
    • Hold an event to emphasize one focus area.
    • Encourage staff and congregation members to take the Million Hearts pledge.
  5. Ongoing Implementation
    • Document success stories.
    • Draft one or more organization policies that reinforce objective(s), for example:
      • Implementation of lactation area in your church
      • Create and promote smoke free campus
      • Create a Wellness area for health and wellness information – Add healthy options to “Coffee hours”
    • Monitor implementation of proposed objectives (e.g. are meeting meals really healthy?).
    • Consider utilization of the E-Documentation provided by Welborn Baptist Foundation’s Health Ministry for ongoing evaluation of program.
    • Reinforce Model for Healthy Living in staff meetings and sermons through-out year.
  6. Annual Update
    • Gather data from team members.
    • Post-test assessment utilizing the Model for Healthy Living Satisfaction Scale.
    • Provide feedback surveys.
    • Meet with Leadership Team to plan for next year.

Time Commitment

  • Annual Leadership Meeting
  • Time required as necessary to implement internal activities