Champions Initiative

Corporate Champions

The Corporate Champions Initiative was developed as a way to engage worksites in the creation of policy, system and environmental changes that would have a lasting effect on the health of employees.

The Corporate Champions Initiative can either work alongside an existing funded worksite wellness program, or serve as a stand-alone effort, to support both organizational changes as well as broader, community-level strategies working to make healthier options the default.

Congregational Champions

In 2013, groups of community stakeholders across the seven counties that comprise the Healthy Communities Partnership, identified the importance of connecting with faith communities - a critical missing piece in the overall mission to transform health in Southwest Indiana.

The main goal of Congregational Champions is to account for the impact of spiritual needs, while engaging faith communities in efforts to improve health aligned with the five areas of focus for the Healthy Communities Partnership.

Community Champions

The Community Champions Initiative, while very similar to Corporate Champions, has been adapted to better suit the culture of smaller employers and nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit and community organizations typically do not have the same wellness budget as larger corporations have. Taking that into account, the Community Champions Initiative focuses on the stand-alone aspects of the Corporate Champions Initiative.


Starting in 2013, we are challenging our Champions to become Fit-Friendly designated worksites through the American Heart Association.