Active Living


Active living is being addressed in the lives of children from preschool, through 12th grade. We are also working to increase opportunities for physical activity for adults in companies/non-profit organizations/congregations through our Champions Initiative.

Our work in the childcare setting is spearheaded by Community Coordinated Child Care, or 4C of Southern Indiana, and focuses on implementing improved nutrition standards, physical activity, screen time, and breastfeeding policies and practices.

School-aged children are benefiting from programs such as Sports Play and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK), which reinvents physical education classes by ensuring that all students are active throughout the class. Additionally, physical activity will be woven into the classroom curriculum, through the utilization of Take 10!, a program that instructs teachers in ways to incorporate movement into the typical classroom lesson plan.

The Champions Initiative provides Good, Better, Best, A Strategic Guide for Healthy Worksite Environments, to help companies/non-profit organizations/congregations create healthy environments. Featuring a “menu” of policy, systems, and environmental changes pertaining to nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and heart disease and stroke prevention, Champions are able to choose their level of involvement from the guide.